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Sentient is an impeccable solution for Mobile Game Testing, Verification and Game Localization in a timely cost effective and secured structure. We deploy the best practices to ensure highest accuracy during Mobile Game Testing.

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Zero Setup Cost

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Get Started in a Week

Get Started in a Week

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State of the Art Labs

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Supports all Major Platforms

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Sentient adopts manual testing techniques to ensure the game and all its features are conforming to their operational specifications. We allocate testers with an expertise in game testing to unearth all the discrepancies in the performance, reliability and usability of all major and minor functions. Based on the need of the game and time to launch, we recommend and initiate different functional tests including requirement-based, smoke and sanity tests.


Compatibility testing

A popular game is one that delivers joy to the player independent of the platform and device it’s played on. Sentient performs exhaustive tests to check and record your game’s performance on different OS, hardware configurations and display resolutions. Using real-time test environments, we test the game during early and late beta stages to avoid embarrassing bugs and disgruntled players after release.


Compliance testing

A surge in the number of games being released onto Google and Apple Stores has led these First Party developers to establish specific standards every game has to meet. Sentient conducts rigorous compliance testing to determine whether the game is ready to be launched. Based on the specific regulations set by internal (your company) and external (Google, Apple) parties, our team customizes the method and type of testing, and ensures your game is compliant with these guidelines and standards.


Performance testing

As the mobile platform becomes increasingly versatile, games have to compete with other background applications for processor time, and yet deliver high performance and unmatched user experience. Sentient provides performance testing services using a wide array of manual as well as automated tools. We measure key factors (speed, scalability, stability and reliability) that determine the quality of a game on different devices to guarantee high performance to all players.


Multiplayer testing

As with all games, communication is one of the key features of a multiplayer game – and this is achieved through a reliable internet connection. A game’s seamless ability to interact with various entities – app markets, different devices, back-end servers – measures the performance of a game. Sentient assesses how the game interacts with different connectivity modes and verifies that all the modes are operational. We ensure nothing gets in the way of a great game – not even distance.


Localization testing

App Stores have made it effortless for games to gain an international audience. But the games need to be altered so players fluent in different languages can also follow the titles, instructions etc. To ensure that the translated text, speech and GUI are appropriate for the target market, Sentient conducts aggressive localization and internationalization testing. We employ localized testers who are proficient in local languages to review, correct and maintain accuracy of text throughout the game. With Sentient, you can rest assured the quality of the game doesn’t get lost in translation.


Security testing

Privacy remains one of the biggest concerns for all smartphone users, and it is imperative for all app and game developers to ensure that confidential data remains protected. Sentient conducts stringent tests to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to game data and controlling the functionality of the game.

soak testing

Soak testing

Prolonged playing periods can uncover memory consumption and load balance issues in a game, causing the device to crash and affect user experience. To prevent such issues from creeping into your game, Sentient carries out soak testing and measures system reaction parameters in various modes of operation so it can be fixed before the game hits the market. We specifically focus on finding memory leaks, failure to disconnect online connections and lag or degradation in response time, all of which could lead to system failure.


Adhoc testing

Exposing a game to random tests can sometimes unearth defects that would have gone unnoticed in a structured testing format. Sentient employs highly experienced gamers-testers to Error Guess likely sources of bugs in the system. These testers target random modules in the game, run a series of manual and automated tests on them and identify critical defects swiftly and efficiently. This test is ideal for measuring the performance of a game in a short span of time and also determining the best testing strategy for your game.

risk testing

Risk based testing

As another unstructured test, risk based testing prioritizes features, modules and functions of the game that are most likely to cause system failures. Sentient’s key testers assess the game, identify and prioritize sections of the game that are most at risk for defects. These risks could be based on complexity, business criticality, usage frequency, addition of new features etc. Once the priority list is compiled, the testing team runs rigorous tests to find and remove defects in critical areas swiftly.

Core Competency and Competitive Advantage

Sentient has wide and intensive AAA mobile testing experience. We have worked on games with 40 million players, which makes us amongst top game testing companies. Our core competencies and competitive advantages are:

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